Winnershow 2000 - Luxembourg

H. Wiblishauser (D), F. Striby (F), W. Hensel (D), P. Pezzano (IT)
Black male

Black Male Winner

Wanja Wandor v. Stevinhage
Black male

Brown Male Winner

Tai Taras Aegida
Black male

Black Male Junior Winner

Brahms v. Hanseaten
Brown male junior

Brown Male Junior Winner

D'Ono Vijoko di Matario
Black male

Black Female Winner

Trefovaja Dama iz Slavnoi Stai
Brown female

Brown Female Winner

Marusha von der Räuberhöhle
Black male

Black Female Junior Winner

Beluga v. Hanseaten
Brown female junior

Brown Female Junior Winner

Yuhma v't Sabbatsveld
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