Winnershow 2004 - Italy

H. Wiblishauser (D), F. Striby (F), P. Pezzano (I), W. Hensel (D), T. Byström (S), F. Coppo (I)
Judges 1999

Judges 2004

Sieger 2004

The Winners

Black male

Black Male Winner

Hangar dei Sauli Grimaldi
Brown male

Brown Male Winner

Figgaro Steinhage-Grad
Black male

Black Male Junior Winner

Urbano del Diamante Nero
Brown male junior

Brown Male Junior Winner

Tahi-Réme Diablo
Black male

Black Female Winner

Irinland Zara Zeife
Brown female

Brown Female Winner

Ardens Romeo’s Juliet
Black male

Black Female Junior Winner

Faery Royal Bell
Brown female junior

Brown Female Junior Winner

Modus Ost Evva Eurydice
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