Winnershow 2003 - Slowakia

H. Wiblishauser (D), F. Striby (F), P. Pezzano (I), G. Schüler (D), K. Reisinger (A), H. Muller (CH)
Judges 1999

Judges 2001

Black male

Black Male Winner

Benhurred dell’Arco Azzurro
Brown male

Brown Male Winner

Athor di Campovalano
Black male

Black Male Junior Winner

Hangar dei Sauli Grimaldi
Brown male junior

Brown Male Junior Winner

Little Leagues Taipan Devil
Black male

Black Female Winner

Ramona Rashi del Citone
Brown female

Brown Female Winner

Eria Pro Kimberly Cristal
Black male

Black Female Junior Winner

Borana von Nemesis
Brown female junior

Brown Female Junior Winner

Castella von Nemesis
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